Buying Beads

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"Perlen" is the German word for pearl. Since most languages other than English do not have a word for bead, the word for pearl is used. In Lithuanian you'll say karolis or coral for bead. You may need to be inventive when you ask the concierge of a foreign hotel to help you find a bead shop.

Bead collecting is a nearly perfect hobby, it has almost everything you could want in a leisure-time activity: it is creative, historic, and scientific. The cultural background for each bead or stone provides a learning opportunity about our past. The glass-making and geology provide a learning opportunity about our earth. Beads are older than money, date back to 90,000 BC, and are still traded today.

All that beading lacks is exercise. I recommend a half-hour of Yoga before any beading session to clear the head and calm the body.l


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Let's look at beads!

In Collectable Bead Blogs below you'll see images and descriptions of the best beads in my collection. The descritions attempt to capture the history of the beads, and indicate the trader from whom I acquired them.

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